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Karen's Story


In 2017 I experienced 'the knock' and became a member of the club no-one wants to join. Through no fault of my own, the life I knew was gone and I had to navigate my way through an unfamiliar, unpredictable and hazardous journey, alone and in secret.

The strong, level headed, fun loving, confident person I once was had now been replaced with a hyper vigilant, nervous, fearful, deceitful, lonely wreck. My confidence was gone, my health suffered, I doubted my capabilities as a mother, I lied to everyone I knew and I trusted no-one.

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Then the self loathing started. The endless questions going round and round in my head.


How could I not see it? What had I done that was so bad that I deserved this? How could I love a person who was capable of doing that? Did loving this person make me a bad person? Was I a bad wife? Was I a bad mother?


Not to mention the deep never ending shame, shame that I had done nothing to warrant, but that crippled me nonetheless. Never ending negative thoughts looping round and around my mind causing me physical pain, sleepless nights and illness.


I then decided enough was enough. I was powerless to change the circumstances which brought me to this point, but I could change my attitude and my reaction to the situation I was in. I was hungry for change, I'd hit rock bottom and the only way was up. I spent 3 years studying every self help and spiritual book I could lay my hands on.


I meditated, prayed, practised mindfulness, attended spiritual retreats, tried talking therapies and they all helped me in their own way and gave me great self awareness. However, it was only when I started working on the subconscious beliefs that I held, beliefs such as I would never be good enough or that a happy fulfilled life wasn't available to me,  that I started to see a profound shift.

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My subconscious beliefs were stopping me moving forward with my life and keeping me stuck in the cycle of shame, secrecy, and self loathing.


Through Rapid Transformational Therapy and hypnotherapy, I unlocked and reframed my subconscious beliefs, and I got through an experience that I honestly thought would leave me a shell of a person, unrecognisable to my previous self. I found myself again, and I'm stronger, happier, more positive and braver than I ever thought possible.


It is now my mission to give women who have suffered through the same trauma and experiences that I suffered, the same transformation that I achieved. I believe my journey had a purpose and that purpose was to help some of the thousands of women in the same situation navigate their journey feeling strong, empowered and full of hope instead of alone, ashamed, fearful and helpless.


I am now a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and certified Hypnotherapist, dedicated to helping women find themselves and thrive again after 'the Knock'.

Karen uses Rapid Transformational Therapy as a life changing modality to help women living with the aftermath of 'the knock' to rediscover a life with joy, courage, hope and peace. Through the power of hypnotherapy, she helps change self doubt and fear to unshakeable confidence, strength and self belief.

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