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Rapid Transformational Therapy

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RTT is a therapeutic approach that uses powerful, evidence based techniques to provide you with the tools you need to make positive change.

The roots of RTT are drawn from areas of traditional psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and hypnotherapy. It's a personalised approach that works with you, to help reframe and change any negative beliefs, values, habits and emotions. Many of which may have began in childhood and resurfaced due to recent traumatic events.


RTT helps you to alter the negative self talk so you can approach life and life events with confidence, self belief, self compassion and strength you didn't know you had. When you believe in your own power and ability to cope with anything that comes your way, then you truly are invincible and with that knowledge comes such freedom.

What is RTT?


How Does RTT Work?

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, RTT does not rely solely on positive reinforcement. RTT goes beyond this and focuses on identifying how, where and when unhelpful beliefs and behaviours were formed. RTT helps you discover the root cause of why you feel the way you do and the origin of the beliefs and behaviours that have led to the issue/s being experienced today.


Using a unique set of tools and techniques, RTT supports in transforming your current issue or challenge and move forward with a new set of beneficial and positive beliefs.

RTT aims to deliver permanent transformation in just 1-3 sessions. By working with the subconscious mind which controls 95% of our behaviours, the results can be rapid and permanent for those who are motivated to change.

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you’re not.


I offer two programmes to suit your therapy goals. My one session programme will provide you with the necessary tools to start your healing journey. My three month programme provides longer term support that helps empower and uplift you during your most challenging times, supporting you on your journey towards healing, growth and personal well being.



This programme includes:

1 pre session evaluation call to establish concerns, challenges and ideal outcome from the session (30-45 mins).

1 RTT session (1.5 - 2 hrs).

1 personalised hypnosis audio recording.

2 follow up calls on days 10 and 21 for guidance and support.


This programme includes:

1 evaluation call to map out your transformational journey towards building resilience, gaining effective coping mechanisms and healing from trauma.


1 pre session recording to prepare for your first RTT session.


3 RTT sessions to take you straight to the roots of your issues, reframe them and transform your beliefs in yourself, in your capabilities, in your worthiness and to help you find or regain your confidence, self belief and self love.


3 personalised transformational recordings. 1 per session to really instil and anchor your new thought processes and beliefs deep into your subconscious mind.


5 check in and coaching calls between RTT sessions to support and help with practical tips to manage stress and maintain overall well being.


I am not saying that it will be the same as you may have once expected it to be.

I am not saying it will always be easy to keep moving forward.

I am not saying there won't be hard days.

I am not saying that if you can't,

Then you are the problem or you haven't tried.

I am saying you deserve to experience the best life you can despite circumstances.

I am saying you deserve happiness despite the odds.

I am saying you can try again or even try again in a different way.

I am saying that I hope you see all the magic that lives in you.


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