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A hand holding dandelions

Dandelions are symbols of hope, growth and healing. A dandelion can survive anything. From harsh winters and pollution to drought and flooding. They can grow and thrive in all conditions.


Dandelion Transformation Therapy aims to help women who have experienced 'the Knock', find the strength and resilience to withstand the storm and come through it with strength and fortitude they didn't know they had, but was there all along.


A woman offering a dandelion

Women on this journey need all the tools and mental strength they can gather, to help navigate the hurdles and hazards they face at every corner. They need phenomenal coping skills to deal with their offending family member, their children, officials, family and friends, as well as every other obstacle that they will encounter

Karen strongly believes that what you believe, you can achieve. She will help instil an unwavering self belief and confidence in your own strength and capabilities. She will help you discover a deep faith in yourself that you can, and you will face this situation head on and come out the other side a stronger, happier and wiser person.


Help you find joy in the little things and help instil a positive bias, whereby you practise gratitude and focus on what's good in your life.

Help you focus on the now and recognise when the stories you are telling yourself are leading you down a path of negative feelings, anxiety and stress.

Provide tools that help you out of a downward spiral so that a bad ten minutes doesn't have to become a bad day or a bad week.

Provide you with a personalised hypnotic recording that will instil new beliefs, to give you strength, confidence and courage, which can be used during times of stress and anxiety.



In 2017, I experienced 'the knock' and became a member of the club no-one wants to join. Through no fault of my own, the life I knew was gone and I had to navigate my way through an unfamiliar, unpredictable and hazardous journey, alone and in secret.

It is now my mission to give women who have suffered through the same trauma and experiences that I suffered, the same transformation that I achieved. I believe my journey had a purpose and that purpose was to help some of the thousands of women in the same situation navigate their journey feeling strong, empowered and full of hope instead of alone, ashamed, fearful and helpless.

Words From Previous Clients

I had my RTT therapy with Karen at the beginning of the year.  This was after a thorough in depth phone call conversation where we discussed what my issues were.  Karen then sent me further correspondence where I was able to write about what I wanted and maybe what I felt was holding me back. 


When it came to the day Karen came to my home and instantly made me feel at ease.  I was initially nervous as to what the therapy entailed but once we started I instantly felt calm and really enjoyed my session which was about my self esteem.  The after care from Karen was also brilliant.  She would have checked up on me by text or call, recommended books to read and also groups to join.


  I listened to my aftercare recording every night also before going to bed.  Since then I have made a lot of positive changes in my life and don’t think of myself in a negative way.  I always now try and see the positive.  I cannot recommend Karen enough!

I had my first RTT session with Karen. I was very emotional and unsure about it and really nervous. Karen was very professional, calm and compassionate and had a lovely reassuring way about her which put me at ease. My session was very interesting, it all made a lot of sense and I had a lot of aha moments that really made sense of things for me after many years of being stuck in a rut.


Since our session I have felt a lot better and more focussed, which was my main issue. It was very helpful and truly life changing for the better. I am so grateful to Karen for the detail and lengths she went to, it was really incredible. She is very informative and knowledgeable and I would recommend her sessions to anyone needing to make a change.

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